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And I Pick…


We have all experienced the quiet anticipation of waiting to hear if our name will be called next. How you feel when that time comes depends on the circumstances. If you are awaiting the name of the next person to be promoted you may feel differently than you would if you were waiting for the next person called when choosing teams for a pickup game. You may either wait with enthusiasm and hope, or fear and dread.

What makes us feel the way we do? It is the individual; it is you who dictates how you feel. Those that are confident of the skills they possess and their ability to make a difference generally look forward to the selection. Those who lack these convictions, who shirk from responsibility and accountability, who do not want the attention or the added pressure, are tense and worried. These are also characteristics that help distinguish one as a leader.

Non-leaders stress over not only being overlooked for a position but also about their ability to perform if they are named. They see failure to be picked as an embarrassment but also fret that their talent might disappoint others. They are pessimists, seeing the glass as half empty regardless of the outcome.

Regardless of the situation, leaders are positive; they expect to get the promotion and expect to be the next one chosen. They are assured of their own talent and self-worth. The selection made by another, even if it is not their name they hear, does not diminish who they are. They look at the decision not as their failure, but as an opportunity to excel in whatever role they are thrust into next.

How do you feel while you are waiting for an announcement?

  • Are you confident or fearful? Are you afraid that if your name is not called you will get ‘lemons’ or are you confident that in the worst case you will at least have lemonade?
  • When opportunities arise, do you embrace them, raising your hand to take on new challenges? Or are you hiding in the background hoping your name will not be called?
  • Are you eager to take on new responsibilities to learn and grow? Or do you focus on the challenges you will face and hope to avoid them?

When your name is called, will you be ready?



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