Putting The PIECES! Together



Let’s face it, there are times when we all wonder if we will be able to ‘keep it together,’ at work and in our personal lives, but that presupposes we already have the pieces together. There is so much happening around us that we are in a constant struggle to keep everything in balance.

Where do we turn for help? There are an untold number of books, articles and blogs that tell us how to be a better leader and how to implement what is deemed to be a best practice. But how many times have you turned to these resources only to find they do not work as you had hoped? This is because of three flaws that generally exist in such lessons:

  • There are too many ‘pieces to the puzzle’ to look at something in isolation. Everything in life as in business affects or is affected by everything else, directly or indirectly.
  • There is no such thing as a ‘best practice.’ Best practices—the way to do something that optimizes results—is only a best practice within a specific environment. The different history, experiences, talents, resources – the culture of an organization – negate the ‘cookie cutter’ approach to replicating best practices.
  • Leaders know we must turn to ourselves for answers because we know best our specific situations. Leadership doesn’t mean doing one thing right one time; it’s doing all things well all the time. This is an even more daunting task given today’s ever-changing circumstances and expectations for businesses. And that’s something that is difficult for any writer to capture, no matter how well respected.

In this series of blogs/articles, I will outline a philosophy to follow in business or in your personal life that will help you find the answers to your particular problems, whether they be strategic or tactical in nature. It is easily understood, easily implemented, and provides a proven approach to achieving desired results. It is not a checklist or a how-to list, but rather a way for you to better manage the complexities of business, stay focused on those matters most important for success, keep the team united in its task, and leverage actions to achieve maximum results: Putting The PIECES! Together

Future articles will focus on each aspect of the philosophy:

  • Partnering, with customers, employees, vendors and the community
  • Increasing Flexibility, going beyond innovation to find a way to say ‘yes’
  • Expanding Your Sphere of Influence, leading beyond your department and company
  • Calculating Value Add, keeping focus on the bottom-line
  • Enhancing Reputation, gaining the trust of those around you
  • Sustaining Results, continuously improving both efficiency and effectiveness
  • !, taking care of the people, who make all this possible

By following this philosophy in my own organization, HR didn’t just get a ‘seat at  the table,’ but took on the role of chef, who plans, prepares and oversees the strategic and tactical ‘meals’ the entire company encounters. The PIECES! Philosophy allowed us to continually surpass the expectations of our customers and our own employees and ‘raise the bar’ of performance.

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